40 years ago, businesses traditionally increased employee productivity through either monetary reward (high salary) and/or reprimand (fear of job loss).

The 21st Century business philosophy for increased employee productivity is vastly different than it was back then. Today, productivity is thought to be motivated by increased employee engagement. This is defined as “an employee’s emotional commitment to the organization and its goals”.

Scheer Partners has welcomed this 21st Century philosophy. We nurture employee engagement through a variety of team building initiatives that have a positive impact on productivity. Scheer Partners has a sense of community and employees are engaged.

While I agree that employee engagement is a key ingredient to office productivity, I also feel the drive to yield results is hard wired in certain individuals. The Scheer Partners office is lucky enough to have such individuals. So, like most things in life, I think productivity requires balance; balance between employee engagement and a determination to work hard.

That’s my opinion. What’s your take?