I did not vote for Donald Trump.

I watched the election return at a friend’s house. As the evening progressed, we were surprised at the ongoing results. When, I left around 10 pm, I still felt the odds were substantially in Hillary’s favor. After watching for another hour at home, I found myself getting depressed, sad, and worried about our country.   As Trump’s chances continued to improve, I went to bed without waiting for the final results—I just did not want to face it!

At 5 am, I looked at my phone and realized Trump was the President-Elect.  Initially, I was sad, depressed, and anxious.  I felt caught up in the sea of change, and the world I knew yesterday was not today’s reality.

Amazingly, over the course of next few hours as I readied for work, my depression evolved into excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism. I left for work more energized than I have been in years.  I think it is due to my new conviction of anything is possible.  If Trump can be President, then I and Scheer Partners can do anything we set our sights on.  Although the unknown future can be scary, there is something exciting and liberating about it.

I wonder if others are feeling a renewed “can do” attitude given Trump’s stunning victory.