This week, we moved our offices.  We survived the packed boxes, moving of computer servers, and most important, moving of our most important asset—our people.  What we really learned was a traditional office for one business is not necessarily the perfect design for another.  Breaking tradition and designing for your needs is the key to success.

Redefining the Traditional Office

The office is no longer that boring place you spent so many days in—it can be driving in your car, sitting on a park bench, in a coffee shop or in your home.  As technology advances and the ability to communicate with clients and co-workers becomes easier and easier it begs the question: is the traditional office dead?  Maybe we should redefine what the traditional office was and what it could be.

At Scheer Partners, it is important for us to create an environment where our team loves where they work and are in an environment where performance is cultivated.   When we made the decision to move, months ago, we knew we wanted space that reflected innovation, forward-thinking, collaboration, and team building.   Although the concept of having an office may be traditional, the spaces in which we work do not need to be traditional.

Variety in Office Space

Put simply, traditional offices are not a thing of the past. There is, however, more variety to the office space. I define traditional office space as having a fixed location and/or having fixed desks. You have to ask yourself, “What are the benefits of operating in a traditional office?” You mainly want to have people be in close proximity to each other so that information sharing is encouraged easily and often, which helps the employees and company to grow.

There Will Always Be a Need for the Traditional

There will always be a demand for traditional office space.

The challenge is finding the right space in the right location with the right design for your business to grow and thrive.

And if you want to swing by and see our office and how we think we broke our traditional office mold, let us know.