On Friday, February 26th, community leaders, business leaders and children will be coming together to celebrate the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington. Last year, I was honored to be named the Man of the Year by the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington. It was truly a humbling experience for me, especially when I reflect on how important it is to me and to my team to give back to the community.

Contributing to your favorite charity feels good, there’s no denying that. But your charitable initiatives can have a larger impact on your employees and company morale. Here at Scheer Partners, we go ‘half-sies’ with our employees on their personal charitable efforts. This allows for our employees to make a greater impact for their chosen charity and it is important to us, Scheer Partners, to make a difference—with our employees, for our employees, and most important, for the charity.

Couple of things we have learned through our charitable efforts:

  • It feels good. Giving back reminds you of how lucky you are.
  • Relationship building. Through our community involvement and commitment, we’ve developed quality relationships.
  • Giving back makes jobs more engaging and engaged employees are more productive employees.

Giving back is important to my team here at Scheer Partners. We have experienced tremendous success over the years and as a community leader, it is our responsibility to give back and make the community where we live and conduct business a better place.