Goals – Learning to Change Course

Goals – Learning to Change Course

“Do you remember the guy who gave up? … Neither does anyone else” ~ Unknown

Having worked in sales for over 30 years, I’ve learned that one of the key ingredients for success is tenacious goal setting.

While I constantly work towards achieving specific, long-term goals, I also frequently revise them as life throws me curve balls.

Goals are fluid; they must be amended to fit life changes that are inevitable.  If I gave up or surrendered every time a goal changed due to situations beyond my control, then I would have achieved nothing in my life.

As long as I don’t allow myself to get derailed, and learn to change course, I always land close to my mark. The key is maintaining realistic, updated goals.

I break my yearly goals down into quarterly goals, to monthly goals, etc., all the way down to daily goals.  And, I track them monthly; I have been doing this for 36 years. This allows me plenty of opportunities to “reroute” my plans when life inevitably takes an unexpected turn or presents a new opportunity.

Sometimes I even fly right past my goal, reaching beyond my wildest dreams.

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