INTRODUCING THE LEADING EDGE … a public/ private commentary

INTRODUCING THE LEADING EDGE … a public/ private commentary

Be Careful what you ask for … 

Government’s role in supporting the growth of business has long been debated. Regardless of perspective, the astute growing business can sometimes benefit by just paying attention, being lucky or (better) getting advice on “what you have to offer.”  You see, with the public sector, it’s all about me. Not ‘me the Broker’, or even ‘me the company’ (that would be you). Me Government needs something for helping. After all, we pay taxes and WE should expect a return for investing public help.

So, if (here comes the You) your business is creating technology, manufacturing or other important new jobs or tax base, there may be benefits. They could be in the form of tax savings, financing and in some cases grants.

I just googled “economic development incentives” and got 109 million hits in less than 0.5 seconds…impressive.  It’s seemly much more clear if you search Maryland economic development incentives …. only 7.85 million hits – much more manageable, right?

So, help may be there and it can be lucrative but also comes with strings …

– Really create and keep the jobs

– Complete the promised investment or employment expansion

– Build the project

Let us know if you have questions or if you have a need for some solid help – real estate or even understanding what generates 7.85 million hits!

David Edgerley is Senior VP at Scheer Partners and is the former Secretary of the MD Department of Business and Economic Development and Director of Economic Development for Montgomery County.

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