It’s About the People

Robert Scheer

President & Founder

Brian Bouey

Principal & Chief Operational Officer

Matt Brady

Principal & Senior Vice President

Nathan Crowe

Principal & Senior Vice President

Julian Etches

Principal, Investment Sales Group

Joe Donegan

Principal, Investment Sales & Leasing

David Edgerley

Senior Vice President, Brokerage and Acquisitions

Henry Bernstein

Senior Vice President

Sandra Hunt

Senior Vice President, Investment Sales

Marek Rich

Senior Vice President / Director of Industrial Leasing and Sales

Aaron Gambini

Senior Vice President

Perry Berman

Vice President of Land Use & Planning

Adnan Sheikh, LEED AP™

Director of Construction Services

Lynsey Johnson

Director of Property Management

Claudia Yates

Director of Marketing

Matthew Brown

Director of Acquisitions

Jay Sachdev

Vice President

Antonis Alexandris

Senior Associate

Andrew Davis

Senior Associate

Carlyn Kelley


Eden Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

Not Your Average Listing Agent

Everyone can say they are above average, but here is how we do it:


We know Montgomery County. We raise our families here. We work here. And the Montgomery County market is our primary focus. With our focus and 20 years in the market, we are able to help you find the best opportunities for your business through county tax incentives, market trends, and historical data.


There is the standard route of listing space on CoStar, LoopNet, and Craigslist. Add virtual tours, broker blasts to our 1,500 commercial broker friends, and through our growing social media channels to additional ways of how we promote your property. But once we do the standard, we go the next step and get strategic through direct outreach to your targeted audience. We take a look at surrounding office buildings and examine market data to develop a strategic approach for potential tenants.


The sooner we lease your space, the faster you make money. And that starts with being engaged with you from day one. We engage to create an experience from the initial tour to the lease signing.

  • Personalized tour. We create a personal and informative experience for each potential tenant who tours your property.
  • 24-Hour Response time. We maintain and observe a 24-hour response time to all inquiries on your property.


You are the boss when it comes to your property. And we know that. But one of our many jobs as a listing agent is to keep you informed of everything related to your property. We report bi-weekly with updated information on active deals, new prospects we’ve talked to, updated on competing buildings, and new marketing initiatives.