Rockville, MD – Scheer Partners continues to grow its health science practice by using its expertise in a focused effort to serve the entire health-care community.

Dating back to its founding in 1991, Scheer Partners has evolved into the premiere commercial real estate services firm in the Washington and Baltimore areas that caters to local health science businesses, such as biotech firms, clinical-research organizations, device and diagnostic makers, and pharmaceutical companies.

More recently, however, Scheer Partners has significantly expanded its work with clients in the broader health-care sector, where the company is currently assisting a wide range of industry providers, including clinics; dental and doctors’ groups; hospitals; inpatient and outpatient facilities; medical-office buildings; mental-health professionals; and surgery and urgent-care centers.

“We continue to serve the region’s life sciences sector, but it’s a relatively small – and more volatile – market when compared to the vast health-care space,” says Robert Scheer, the founder and president of Scheer Partners. “We see a lot of potential across this industry, and the momentum we’ve gained of late in completing health-care transactions and securing new clients is quite encouraging.”

The sheer number of health-care deals that Scheer Partners has executed in recent months is extensive. Some of the highlights:

  • 3D Oral & Maxillofacial Imaging Center, in Bethesda
  • Bethesda Chevy Chase Surgery Center, in Bethesda
  • CBH Health, in Rockville
  • Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology, in Gaithersburg
  • Gievers-Zuniga Foot & Ankle Center, in Olney
  • Muddy Branch Dental Center, in Gaithersburg
  • Numerous mental-health professionals, all in Bethesda
  • Physicians Now, in Rockville
  • Piccard Surgery Center, in Rockville
  • Relaxing Alternatives Wellness Center, in Gaithersburg
  • Retina Consultants, in Annandale
  • Rite Aid Specialty Pharmacy, in Gaithersburg
  • Silver Spring Ophthalmology
  • The Neurology Center for Sleep Disorders, in Bethesda
  • Two dentists, in Bethesda and Chevy Chase, respectively
  • Xpress MedCare, in Laurel

Since its inception, Scheer Partners has helped hundreds of health-care and life sciences clients in managing more than 500 projects that total in excess of 7 million square feet. More than 1 million square feet is directly attributable to an array of health-care providers. Scheer Partners officials expect that amount to greatly increase, both in the near term and over the long term.

What sets Scheer Partners apart from its competitors is the firm’s experience and expertise with complex facilities requirements and related real-estate transactions. Built up over roughly two decades is a thorough understanding of the ever-changing complexities that those in health care and the life sciences often struggle with when it comes to their facility needs.

For years, the team at Scheer Partners has advised its life sciences clients on the technical aspects of laboratories, such as the intricate electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems that they contain. This knowledge and track record has smoothly translated to the health-care spectrum, evidenced by the spate of recent business in this particular field.

Health-care and life sciences companies, for example, each have requirements for components like air containment, biohazard storage, cleanliness and power redundancy. Facilities in these two industries are also generally more challenging and expensive to construct than typical office space, so the expertise and skill-sets that the brokers and executives at Scheer Partners possess are providing extraordinary value to life sciences and health-care clients alike.

“Drawing on our strong background in life sciences labs and applying this to health care makes a lot of sense for our company,” Scheer says. “We have a deep comprehension of the different languages and players in the life sciences versus health care, which allows us to break down buildings based on the tenant composition – what kind of device, diagnostic or therapeutic they are trying to develop, in the case of the life sciences, or what type of medicine they practice, when it comes to health care. This is a natural transition for us.”

One of the company’s key attributes is that the firm’s services go way beyond acting as a brokerage shop that helps clients – both tenants and landlords – with their leases. Whether it’s strategic planning consulting; property, facilities and construction management; or acquisitions, development and investments, Scheer Partners is adept at every aspect of commercial real estate and has the flexibility to provide clients with a fully integrated experience.

The company prides itself on bringing the same attention to detail and technical acumen to every transaction, and it is not only committed to the procurement and purchase of facilities, but also to the success of clients’ day-to-day running of their businesses thereafter.

As Scheer Partners continues to grow its health science group, buoyed by an influx of new business from health-care clients, it is ramping up its staff to accommodate the rising demand for its services. “Everyone at our firm is truly excited about the progression taking place here,” Scheer says. “The work that we are doing for health-care and life sciences companies will undoubtedly generate robust growth for years to come.”