Silver Spring, MD – A high-end post-audio house has set up shop in a hip new Silver Spring office after moving from Dallas to more efficiently serve its core local clients.

Scheer Partners, the leading provider of fully integrated commercial real estate services in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas, announces today that it has negotiated on behalf of Defacto Sound in a roughly 1,300-square-foot lease at 8121 Georgia Ave., which is known as the World Building.

Scheer Partners Vice President Matt Brady represented Defacto Sound, which provides sound design, editing and mixing for a range of entertainment products, including documentaries, political-campaign advertisements, short films, television shows and video games.

More than five years ago, Dallas Taylor founded Defacto Sound in a Maryland basement while he worked full time for Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications as a senior sound designer.

Defacto Sound initially opened its first office in Texas three years ago, but, as its client base continued to grow in the D.C. market, the company decided to move back to the East Coast.

“It was a no brainer,” says Leigh Taylor, a producer at Defacto Sound. “We found that, while we could serve our clients to an extent in Dallas, it made much more sense to invest locally in our creative partners in the region.”

The company looked at options in Washington, but it chose the more cost-effective Silver Spring, in part, because Defacto Sound does a lot of work with Discovery Communications, whose headquarters is nearby.

“Silver Spring offers a lot for our buck,” Leigh Taylor says. “It’s the ideal location, and we’re still so close to D.C. Matt proved incredibly instrumental in finding the right space for us at the right price. I’m very excited with what we were able to do inside our office.”

While Defacto Sound brought much of its high-tech equipment from Texas, it did purchase ultra modern furniture for its beautifully designed space here, which features several individual sound studios as well as a fully stocked beverage and snack “wall” containing all kinds of goodies for clients and staff to enjoy.

Defacto Sound currently has a staff of three sound designers and one producer, and it may hire additional sound designers in the near future, Leigh Taylor says.

Says Brady: “I’m really pleased to have assisted Defacto Sound in securing its new office. This is a great story for Silver Spring – a unique use and type of tenant for that submarket. I have no doubt that Defacto Sound will continue to grow at an accelerated pace.”