Property Management

Delivering Results for Property Performance

Scheer Partners provides high quality, reliable property management, and maintenance services. Our team performs so our clients can achieve ideal results for their assets.

Who We Are
Our team of highly trained and qualified property managers collectively bring over 30 years of property management experience. As owners and managers of commercial real estate, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand an owner’s perspective of asset needs.

What We Believe
Open communication, personal attention to our clients, and unsurpassed service levels are the hallmarks of Scheer Partners’ property management services. Our objective is to enhance the value of our clients’ real estate holdings.

What We Do
We pride ourselves on accountability, attention to detail and the systematic completion of detailed plans. The results are satisfied tenants, high occupancy rates and increased building values. The development of standardized procedures for building operations creates success for our clients within any given facility.

Our Property Management Services Consist of Three Basic Elements:
• Building operations: Systems and energy efficiency, preventative and recurring maintenance, and vendor selection and procurement.
• Owner/tenant relations: Clean, comfortable and safe environments for our tenants, and ongoing, consistent communication between owners and tenants.
• Financial management and record keeping: Budgeting, revenue and expenditures management, reporting and lease administration.