Construction Management

In the development of a project, the owner needs the experience, resources and technical capabilities to:

  • Develop the initial concept
  • Monitor and control the development process, design and construction activities
  • Maintain schedules and budgets
  • Achieve financial objectives

Unless these resources are readily available, projects suffer from a lack of direct control, with potential cost overruns and schedule setbacks – the road to an underperforming asset. Equally important is maintaining the desired and planned performance objectives for the development, and understanding the trade-offs and how they relate to a client’s goals.

The construction management process is increasingly challenging due to clients’ internal and external constituents, technical project requirements, changing building codes and design standards, schedule issues, shifting governmental approvals and requirements, and today’s complex capital markets.

Our team will act as the point of coordination between the client and all governmental agencies, consultants, contractors and engineers, as well as other internal and external constituents. Serving as the client’s advocate, we provide significant breadth and depth of professional services at each stage of the development and construction process necessary to make sure that our client’s objectives are met.