Investments and Development

The investment market has shown heightened interest in the Washington and Baltimore areas, particularly in the fast-growing suburban locations. A number of foreign investors, as well as national pension funds and real estate investment trusts, are actively identifying and acquiring properties in our region.

At the same time, large users are exploring options for build-to-suit headquarters facilities. This combination adds up to a healthy investment sales market.

Scheer Partners plays a pivotal role in assisting the area’s most successful real estate developers to acquire land, office, research-and-development, warehouse, life sciences and retail developments.

We enjoy strong ties to financing sources and can help find suitable investment capital for our clients. Scheer Partners maintains close contact with a number of traditional capital sources that have remained, or recently become active, in our region. We are well positioned to identify and secure sources for acquisitions and re-financings.

Scheer Partners offers complete investment and financial analysis on potential investment projects. The company has legal, tax and finance experts on staff to offer clients these services as well as provide a detailed picture of specific transactions, including tax-advantaged structures, sensitivity analyses, legal issues and tax ramifications.

The end result is having our clients benefit by making the most well-informed investment decisions.

Services offered by Scheer Partners include:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Financial analysis
  • Exchange fulfillment
  • Financing
  • Development
  • Asset and facilities management