Standing for Ethics

Standing for Ethics

Even more in today than ever before there is a drive not only to “keep up with the Joneses”, but to “be the Jones”. Trying to make one more sale, develop one more innovation, and do whatever is necessary to “close the deal” while chasing the ultimate goal of financial success.

This drive for financial success is rapidly being replaced by the desire for financial power and greed. As a result, lack of respect, and a disregard for ethics seem to be the new norm. Respect and morals trickle down from our superiors. Parents teach their children, employers set the bar for their company, and government leaders set the tone for the nation. When irrational behavior, mockery, and deceit are not only condoned but encouraged by our “role models”, it is difficult to do the right thing. People instead do the easy thing. What is easy is rarely right.

Cutting corners or changing the deal is too easy, especially when business is hard and saving money is paramount. Keeping your commitment is hard when business is slow! It is critical, now more than ever, for company leaders to set and maintain ethical standards, and not allow outside elements to lower the ideals that have made American businesses successful.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” ~ Alexander Hamilton

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