While Covid-19 has brought economic hardships across many sectors, the biotechnology and life sciences industry has remained strong, growing significantly in part due to the race for a vaccine.

This is great news for Maryland and Montgomery County (MOCO). The I-270 Corridor of MOCO is currently one of the top biotech clusters in the nation. Between private and federal companies, biotech brings ~60,000 jobs to the County. With this boom to the sector, companies are expanding. And, that expansion brings more jobs. This is very encouraging for Maryland’s economy.

Even more exciting is the possibility that the first Covid vaccine could be developed right here in Maryland. Several MOCO companies are currently developing Covid vaccines and tests. Novavax recently made national headlines for receiving a $1.6 billion federal grant for Covid vaccine research. However, they aren’t the only company working on Covid. Emergent BioSolutions is partnering with several innovators to develop plasma-based therapies. Altimmune is developing an intranasal Covid vaccine. And, Qiagen Labs is producing sample processing Covid kits.

Scheer Partners’ has a long-term, strong alliance to MOCO biotech and we’ve worked with many of these companies over the years. We take great pride in our biotech relationships and are humbled to represent this important industry. .

“Every problem is a gift—without problems we would not grow.” ~ Anthony Robbins


Robert Scheer, Founder & President

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