There is Never a Perfect Time

There is Never a Perfect Time

There comes a time in every organization’s life when you’ve outgrown your space. It could be new contracts, new revenue, new opportunities.  Whatever the reason, you need to hire people. And, people need space to work from.

But when is the right time to move? Having moved our company several times over the 25 years, I speak from experience.

Like getting married or having kids, there is no perfect time. There are, however, telltale signs that reveal an office move is in the best interests of the long-term sustainability of your company.  Through planning and seizing the opportunity when it presents itself, a new office location can propel your company forward.

A few indications it is time to move:

Corporate Culture Needs a Makeover

Culture consists of shared values, a common language, stated expectations and tangible artifacts.

As team members have come and gone, perhaps new values have emerged. Certainly your business goals have matured and you’ve become clear about your market, your product and the real-world problems you solve. Maybe your culture has picked up a few new behaviors—increased collaboration, a need for more private meeting space, more presentation areas, a need for more visual support.

A fresh start shouldn’t be wasted. Be purposeful about beginning anew by articulating expectations.

There is no greater reset than an office move. With such change, new habits can be formed and with a little guidance from management, the team will be working harmoniously once again.

Your lease is about to expire

Do you know when your lease expires? Check now, as it may be sooner than you think.

If your lease expires in the next 24 months, that’s great. Finding the right spot, space planning, construction, and moving is a huge undertaking that will require no less than a year.

You Are Busting at the Seams

When you’ve doubled up private offices so each 10-by-10 space is home to two employees, when there are no more meetings rooms left for meetings, and when all the desk space is occupied, it’s time.

For some, this level of proximity is stimulating and can improve communication among team members. There will, however, be a tipping point, a point where people are crammed in too tightly and personal space is non-existent.

You’re Spread Across Multiple Floors, or Multiple Buildings

Years ago, you found what the ideal situation. Perhaps a few thousand square feet to start and, over time, your company began to grow.

Something to consider, a recent article appearing in the Harvard Business Review validated a few common thoughts about how employees interact:

So, what does that say about having your business on multiple floors or worse, multiple buildings?  Think of the costs (and time) it involves for your employees to travel between locations to meet with the right team member.  Think of how disconnected your leadership team can be from your employees by not being able to chat a quick chat by the water cooler or have a quick walk down the hallway for a conversation.   Now, imagine the productivity, cost savings and efficiencies your organization will experience when located on a single floorplate.

When that day does arrive when you throw your hands up and say it is time to move,  I hope the first phone call or email will be to me.  Our team can help guide you in finding the perfect space, build that space to suit your needs. Contact me at


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