As the country finally pulls out of the Covid crisis, I am reflecting on last year and looking forward to the rest of 2021.

When the first case of Covid was reported in the United States last March, it felt like we were in a free fall. We were flying blind. We didn’t know how it spread, who had it or how to test for it. The country was living in a state of panic and the world literally shut down before our eyes.

There is no question, leading Scheer Partners through 2020 was one of the most challenging experiences of my career.

I was very concerned about our business future, but demonstrating outward confidence was critical to preserving a motivated and positive team. It was a balancing act between my personal feelings about Covid and being the team’s leader.

Move ahead is exactly what Scheer Partners did. Last year, we hired new agents for our Rockville office, pumped up our property management department, and opened an office in Philadelphia dedicated to life science real estate services. I was determined to return Scheer Partners to a better place.

As we look ahead, there is a renewed sense of optimism with hope for normalcy on the horizon.

Despite all our efforts, Scheer Partners’ culture did take a hit last year.  Anxiety altered work ethic, workflow systems were interrupted, and working from home created isolation and estrangement.

Today, we can look forward to the country opening back up, business returning and all the success that 2021 will bring.  Crises bring people together; they build stronger bonds and people work together to overcome the odds. We have a great team that’s shown the willingness to do just that.

My grandmother had an expression, “When you hang long enough, you get used to hanging.” Thanks to Scheer Partner’s incredible team and their tenacity, we didn’t just hang on – we reached!


Robert Scheer, Founder & President

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