As the owner’s representative, the construction manager (CM) oversees the subcontractors, making sure that that the work is done correctly, follows the plan, stays on schedule, and is on budget with minimal or no change orders and other upcharges. The construction manager is the owner’s representative, looking out for the owner’s best interests.

The construction manager handles construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. They help evaluate plans, find and solicit bids from subcontractors, and negotiate terms with subcontractors, handle permits and inspections, and approve change orders, progress payments and facilitate requisitions.

It is an advisory role, with you, the owner, making the final decisions. Possible construction manager responsibilities include:

  • Finding and hiring subcontractors
  • Scheduling the subs and monitoring their work
  • Troubleshooting job-site issues with plans, subs, etc.
  • Reviewing change order requests
  • Helping with cost estimating
  • Helping with permitting and inspections
  • Negotiating material discounts
  • Ordering materials, and inspecting deliveries
  • Reviewing bills

Why Hire a Construction Manager?

  • It’s like having a general contractor with your best interests in mind
  • The construction manager’s fees are open, not hidden within the bid
  • Save you money, compared to a traditional general contractor
  • You have more control over the work.

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