Why My Business is in (and will stay in) Montgomery County

Why My Business is in (and will stay in) Montgomery County

In 2016, Scheer Partners will celebrate 25 years of business. And I have always headquartered my firm in Montgomery County because in the region, entrepreneurs and growing businesses thrive here in the county.

Montgomery County has invaluable assets that make it one of the most desirable locations in the country. It’s commitment to quality of life, smart growth, an unsurpassed educated work force, stellar public schools, and diversity ensures that Montgomery County will remain an important economic destination in the region.

I am encouraged for 2016.  I believe strongly County Officials are focused on quality of life issues and improving the overall business climate.  I believe we will see that Montgomery County is open for business in 2016 and the region will react.

I am proud to have built my business and raised my family in Montgomery County. There is no place better where I would rather be.

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